“V4Mirai” is here to start a revolution
in the world of VTuber entertainment.

We are here to entertain the world.
We are here to rock the world.
We are here to connect the world.

These are the aspirations of our charming performers,
as we provide them a stage to shine and nurture their unique talents.

The world of virtual entertainment is just getting started.
We are here to challenge the possibilities and take VTubing to the next level.

Welcome to the Mirai beyond your screen.




Making Our Models Available To You~

We’re thrilled that V4Mirai and its many wonderful talents have wormed their way into your hearts!

As a thanks to those who’ve spent time with V4Mirai, and to inspire a new generation of people to create, we’re offering MMD models of our talents to everyone, free of charge!

The talents are looking forward to seeing what the brilliant V4Mirai community can do so create away! We only mandate the below rules be complied with. If they aren’t, we will take any & every necessary steps to get said content removed and potentially recoup for damages.


Regarding Fan Made Works & Content

  • These models cannot be used for adult content under any circumstances.
  • These models cannot be used to perpetuate hate speech of any fashion.
  • These models cannot be used in overtly political or religious content.
  • These models cannot be used in anyway to sell products nor services.
  • Original channels must be linked back to in any content featuring these models.
  • Further more, if any individual talent requests creators not to engage in certain types of content with their models, we explicitly ask for their wills to be respected.
  • We withold the right to deem any fan produced content with these models to be deemed unacceptable for any reason.