V4Mirai Guidelines for User-Created Content

Thank you for supporting V4Mirai (herein referred to as “V4Mirai,” “we,” or “us”).
Our fans are what make our community great and while we welcome user-created art inspired by our content, we have created the following guidelines to ensure that our community remains a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. We appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines and in helping us build and sustain a positive and thriving community around V4Mirai.

These guidelines are subject to change without notice. Please refer back to this page for all updated terms.


“V4Mirai Content” means all works created, published and/or owned by V4Mirai including, without limitation, official characters, models, images and illustrations, scenarios and music.

“User-Created Content” means original works created by V4Mirai users inspired by or incorporating elements of V4Mirai Content. To be considered User-Created Content, the works must substantially transform, modify or adapt V4Mirai Content.

“Video Reproductions” means any User-Created Content which incorporates any audio or video footage created, published and/or owned by V4Mirai including, without limitation, live broadcasts by any V4Mirai performers.

“Fan Activities” means any activity conducted by individuals or unincorporated organizations whereby User-Created Content is freely distributed via physical or digital means without the purpose of making a profit. To be considered a Fan Activity, any User-Created Content must be distributed for free or in exchange for the actual price of raw materials or other actually paid costs incurred in production of the User-Created Content.

   Scope of Permission for User-Created Content

V4Mirai permits the creation and distribution of User-Created Content including, but not limited to, illustrations, fan magazines, manga, novels and cosplay costumes.

User-Created Content may be distributed only within the scope of Fan Activities. V4Mirai permits the distribution of User-Created Content within the scope of this use without expectation or requirement of any licensing or royalty fee.

Any User-Created Content must include clear and visible attribution to V4Mirai and identification of the User-Created Content as user-created and not official V4Mirai Content.

   Scope of Permission for Video Reproductions

V4Mirai permits the creation and distribution of Video Reproductions only within the scope of Fan Activities. No Video Reproductions may be created or distributed for use in advertising or promoting any content, products or services outside of V4Mirai Content.

Any Video Reproductions must include clear and visible attribution to V4Mirai in the video. Any posts of Video Reproductions must include the URL of the original V4mirai video or broadcast transmission in the summary section or description.

Please refrain from posting and Video Reproductions before the original V4Mirai broadcast transmission or distribution ends and the archive of the V4Mirai video is made public.

   Restrictions on the use of V4Mirai Content

When creating or distributing User-Created Content, the following are strictly prohibited by V4Mirai.

  1.  Any direct use of V4Mirai Content without substantial transformation, modification or adaptation.
  2.  Any use of V4Mirai Content which damages, detracts or dilutes the image or reputation of V4Mirai or V4Mirai Content.
  3.  Any use of V4Mirai Content which violates any applicable laws and regulations or which exceeds socially acceptable limits of morality.
  4.  Any use of V4Mirai which infringes or may infringe on the intellectual property rights of V4Mirai, any of its affiliates, or any third parties.
  5.  The production or distribution of User-Created Content which is or can be mischaracterized or misrepresented as to suggest being official V4Mirai Content.
  6.  Any use of V4Mirai Content which may lead to discrimination based on race, creed, religion, gender, social status, etc.
  7.  Any use of V4Mirai Content in User-Created Content which promotes a specific creed, religion, or political party or action.
  8.   Any reproduction or distribution of V4Mirai Content without permission.
  9.  Any use of V4Mirai Content which is deemed to be beyond the scope of User-Created Content as described in these guidelines.

   Use of User-Created Content and Video Reproductions by V4Mirai

By publishing or circulating User-Created Content or Video Reproductions, V4Mirai users consent to the reposting or use of such User-Created Content or Video Reproductions by V4Mirai.

V4Mirai encourages users to use the social media tags or hashtags associated with V4Mirai and V4Mirai creators when posting or distributing any User-Created Content. Please note, however, that even User-Created Content not tagged with social media tags or hashtags may still be used by V4Mirai.

   Notes on Live Broadcast Scenarios

Please refrain from plagiarizing any plots or stories used in any V4Mirai broadcasts into any manga, novel, screenplay, stage play, or dramatic reading.


If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact V4Mirai at []. Please allow up to a week after your inquiry for a response from V4Mirai as response times may vary.

V4Mirai may not respond to inquiries regarding User-Created Content deemed by V4Mirai to comply with these guidelines.

   Corporate Customers

These guidelines apply only to individual persons or unincorporated organizations (including doujinshi, circles, or other fan groups).

These guidelines do not apply to commercial entities seeking to reproduce or distribute V4Mirai Content. If you are a company interested in reproducing or distributing V4Mirai Content or any secondary works which incorporate V4Mirai Content, please contact us at [].

   Other information

Notwithstanding the any information contained herein, V4Mirai reserves the right to request individual users discontinue use of any V4Mirai website or broadcast as it deems it necessary.

All matters related to the guidelines shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.

Enacted February 19th, 2024