Introducing The Lunalia Shimeji Collection

V4Mirai’s Night Class Lunalia debuts in just a couple days, but maybe you just can’t wait huh?

Want to meet the Ghost Writer Alias, Sleep Paralysis Demon REM Kanashibari, The Maddest Scientist Dr.NOVA(e), and our very own Yumi the Witch?

Well do we have the download for you!

Hand illustrated and animated by Lunalia themselves, the Lunalia Shimeji collections puts your future favorite talents right on your computer!

Watch them play! Watch them dance! Heck you can YEET them right across the screen.

With dozens of unique interactions and animations, they’ll keep you entertained as long as you don’t turn their functions off! Wow!

Download here!

Legend has it during the witching hour they do something special…

Introducing The Lunalia Shimeji Collection