Catch V4Mirai’s Debut Concert On VStream!

Hello world!

Our girls are home safe and sound after an extremely exciting Anime Los Angeles weekend! Con goers were met via Oshi Live VTubers, hardcore fans were treated to an intimate panel late Thursday night, and hundreds of people went home with more ribbons than they could count!

Most notably, Abi, Serina, Mariya, Yae, Biscotti, and Mono took part in our first ever live concert event to resounding applause and energy from the audience! Nearly 1,000 people came out V4Mirai’s debut concert experience brought to you by VStream, and yes, they had their pen lights in the air the entire time! A big thank you again to Vshojo, Kson, and Ironmouse for taking part in this event!

Our talent and team worked for months to bring that night to life and since we know there’s fans around the world who want to see it, we’ve made the concert available on VStream for their viewing pleasure!

Watch the concert here!

We will also have ALA merch available on our website for a limited time!

Check it out here!

A huge accomplishment for our girls, rest assured our whole team is very proud!
Hope you’ll check out the archive video! Keep tuned for more great things coming from V4Mirai in 2024!

Catch V4Mirai’s Debut Concert On VStream!