V4Mirai Enters Second Year With 2.0 Collage Update

Collage: You, Me, Mirai

The V4Mirai team completed its inaugural trip around the sun, this June marking our first anniversary.

Three generations debuted to cheering acclaim,  we held panels and concerts to packed rooms in offline spaces, and built a community based on mutual trust between talent and fan, we’re very thankful to all who’s partaken in the V4Mirai experience thus far.

We look towards our second year with dedicated focus and additional confidence having learned so much in our first wild year, and with that experience under our belt we chose “Collage” as our guiding theme for the next 365 days’ worth of activities.

Our collage can’t be built by us alone, our talent & staff alike invite you all to put your hopes, dreams, laughs, and challenges into our collage so that way may continue to grow together.

As part of our 2.0 Collage vision, we’ve updated our website and guiding mission, only the tip of the iceberg with all that is yet to come even in just these next sixth months.

Thank you for your support so far, V4Mirai sees each and every one of you!

V4Mirai Enters Second Year With 2.0 Collage Update